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  • Jung


    Murray Stein, Ph.D.Zurich, Switzerland Jung, Carl G. (1875-1961) is the founder of *analytical psychology. Born on July 26, 1875 to Johann Paul Jung, a Swiss Reformed pastor, and his wife, Emilie, née Preiswerk, in the Swiss village of Kesswil, he received a classical European education in German speaking Swiss schools. He studied medicine at the […]

  • Individuation


    Murray Stein, Ph.D. INTRODUCTION The theme of individuation sounds through Jung’s writings, like a leitmotiv, from the time of his break with Freud and psychoanalysis onward without pause to his death. All things considered, it is perhaps his major psychological idea, a sort of backbone for the rest of the corpus.      Introducing the term in […]

  • Jung’s Contributions to Psychoanalysis

    Jung’s Contributions to Psychoanalysis

    Murray Stein, Ph.D. Michael Fordham once told me in a private conversation that he considered Jung’s greatest “discovery” was the inner world. I would recast that insight and say that his fundamental idea – his one really Big Idea – was the irreducible reality of the psyche and that this led him to explore and […]

  • “Midway on our life’s journey…”: On Psychological Transformation at Midlife

    Murray Stein, Ph.D. The Midlife Period In most advanced countries worldwide today the average life expectancy for males extends to their mid- to late seventies and for women to their early to mid-eighties. Of course, this varies from place to place and depends very much on socio-economic factors that fluctuate broadly with world historical events […]

  • Symbols and the Transformation of the Psyche

    Murray Stein, Ph.D. My personal physician in Thun recently complained about the many patients he sees who are perfectly healthy but come to him doubled up in pain and complaining about their symptoms. “They are crazy,” he said throwing up his hands in frustration. “Perfectly healthy people, but not able to live with their health! […]

  • Stories to Tell and to Live With

    ISAP Commencement Address, December 2015 (Graduates: Yukiko Higuchi, Monica Lavecchia, Wendy Wilmot) By Murray Stein I am not alone to notice that books and articles often fall into my hands by chance when I am preparing to speak on occasions like this, and they are more relevant than anything I could dream up on my […]

  • Why ISAP-ZURICH is Unique

    Murray Stein, Ph.D. It is bold and perhaps foolhardy to claim uniqueness for ISAP-ZURICH, but I will not let that deter me. This is because I believe it to be true. There is no other Jungian psychoanalytic training program like it in the world today. I will explain why, but for now trust me – […]

  • On the Importance of Numinous Experience in the Alchemy of Individuation

    Murray Stein, Ph.D. In a letter to P.W. Martin (20 August 1945), the founder of the International Study Center of Applied Psychology in Oxted, England, C.G. Jung confirmed the centrality of numinous experience in his life and work: “It always seemed to me as if the real milestones were certain symbolic events characterized by a […]