The Analyst And The Rabbi

A Play by Murray Stein and Henry Abramovitch

A meeting between C.G. Jung and Rabbi Leo Baeck took place in Zurich in October 1946 at the Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville. Very little is actually known about this meeting. There are no extant notes or reports from the principals indicating what was said or discussed. There was no secretary present taking down minutes of the conversation. What is known from the few documents attesting to this meeting is that it took place at Jung’s request and that Baeck did not wish to meet with Jung. This play, The Analyst and the Rabbi, is an imaginative construction of what might have happened in this historic meeting of two great men.


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Murray Stein’s opening chapter, “The Shadow and the Problem of Evil,” explores the fundamental question of the shadow’s connection to evil and Mary Tomlinson introduces the intricate ways the shadow manifests symbolically in our psyche in “Symbols of Shadow and Evil.”


While the Jungian approach to spirituality departs from specific religious beliefs and practices and does not privilege any in particular, it retains an attitude of respect for the variety of experiences of the numinous and for all God images. Spirituality is a central feature of the individuation process. The essays in this volume of TheCollected Writings of Murray Stein are dedicated to reflecting on and expanding this core principle.